Ensure Good Indoor Air Quality Through a Mold Inspection in Lake Ozark, MO

A mold inspection can spare you health issues in the long run. So if you’re buying a new property or want to ensure good indoor air quality in your home, getting a mold inspection, it’s essential. At Curious Inspection Services, LLC, we offer mold inspection and testing services in Lake Ozark, MO. Our services come in handy to help you know if you’re exposed to mold and fight the situation before it gets out of hand.

When Hire a Mold Inspection?

Stay Away From Mold

The only good thing about mold is that you can see it in the cracks and corners of your walls. When you do, it means that it’s growing and spreading more spores. But keep in mind that mold also grows in places you cannot see, like between your walls and ducts. That’s why if you suspect your house is infested by mold, schedule a home mold inspection, and we’ll be there at your convenience.

Here are some situations that can tell you need a mold inspection:
  • Water damage: Have your basement flooded recently, or do you have a roof leak? Then it’s time to call an inspector.
  • Green, blue, or black stuff growing: These can be types of mold that need to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Unoccupied property: Moisture could have built up mold when a property has been unoccupied for some time.

Live in a Mold-Free Property

Get Fast Results

Our mold inspection is done on-site with an air quality testing system. Once we test your home, the sample is processed by a lab, and the results are sent in around three business days. This way, we ensure you don’t have to wait longer to know if you’re dealing with a mold situation. Speak to our inspector to request a mold inspection in Lake Ozark, MO, today!

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