Hire a Superior Septic Inspection in Lake Ozark, MO

A septic system is responsible for removing the wastewater from your property. As such, you should inspect it once a year. At Curious Inspection Services, LLC, we can effectively inspect the system to ensure that it is in good working order. When you hire us, we’ll know what to look for to determine a malfunctioning system. Our septic inspection is designed to help buyers and sellers know about the system’s condition in Lake Ozark, MO.

The Importance of a Well and Septic Inspection

Work With Our Licensed Inspector

One of the main reasons to have a property’s septic system inspected is that the local government might require it. Our inspector is state-licensed for real estate transactions and can help you ensure the system complies with state regulations. Additionally, a professional septic tank inspection will give you valuable information about a prospective property and help you plan and adjust your budget accordingly. Last but not least, you’ll have more confidence in your purchase! We’ll help you know whether the septic tank is in good shape or know what it takes to fix it.

We Protect Your Investment

Well Inspection, Water Testing & More

Besides septic tank inspection, we also test for bacterial and water quality, looking for E-coli and Coliform. This way, we ensure you’re not exposed to contamination. If you want to learn more about a septic inspection situation in Lake Ozark, MO, consider calling us today! We’ll make the buying or selling process much easier.

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